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Talkback as plugin

In my last post on WordPress, Carthik asked about my “Talkback” implementation. I hadn’t included this as part of my WordPress modifications because I’ve had the beastie since Movable Type times and didn’t think of it as a WordPress mod. However, I’ve since converted it into a WordPress plugin; you can access the text of the plugin here. Just copy this into wp-content/plugins/, rename it talkback.php, activate it and you’re good to go.

This particular plugin incorporates my fulltext implementation, so the code does need to be modified if you’re not using this. Look for the comment in the code that begins with “// if you don’t implement multi-page fulltext…” and follow the instructions accordingly.

To invoke the plugin, in a separate page, which I’ve called speakback.php, include the wp-blog-header.php in the beginning of the page, and then just call the function:


Formatting is already included in the output.

The simplest approach would be to copy index.php, remove the guts of the main body, and replace it with this function call.

Then in your comments, call the page like so:

Talkback: <a href=”/speakback.php?name=<?php comment_author() ?>”>By name</a> <a href=”/speakback.php?url=<?php comment_author_url() ?>”>By URL</a>

Clicking on the name or URL will then bring up a page of the person’s comments at your site.

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