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The heartless thing cont…

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Jonathon I don’t know how you could think I would stoop to trading my favors for your cookies?

Links for Tim Tams! Indeed!

JonathonJonathonJonathonJonathonJonathon. How could you think that of me? The Bird that Burns, of honesty and integrity?

JonathonJonathonJonathonJonathonJonathonJonathon. I’m hurt al-most beyond belief by your accusation.

JonathonJonathonJonathonJonathonJonathonJonathonJonathonJonathon. How could you bring me up before our associates at Blog U?

JonathonJonathonJonathon (…what’s the count?)

I would never think of trading my favors for something like cookies.

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