The plot thickens

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

So, the news of dirty deeds and bought links continues to unfold.

In the comments at Jonathon’s accusatory post I found the following from Jeneane:

J. – I tried to bribe you with cashew brittle from the Bird, but no response. As a tenured U Blog faculty member, I am upset by this tim tam matter. I was supposing to get 8-24 links from you and Shelley as the runner for your cashew brittle, acting as the intermediary, so to speak. What, now tim tams? I must go think on this matter.

So! So! The rightous one turns out to be a fraud! Worse, the Heartless Thing is guilty of Weblogger Labor – sending me out into the icy cold of the voided thread, forcing me to offer my Blogger template repairing skills for a crust of bread, a drop of milk, a box of brittle.

We’re on to you TimTamMan! We know what you’re really up to: no less than the overthrow of the University of Blogaria, itself!

It’s true that you have your supporters, such as Steve, bought cheap for some ginger beer. (BTW, what is the link value of ginger beer?)

However, know you that I have two faculty members on my side: Dizzy the Cat (known in certain circles as Dizario Catosnos, famous master spy), and none other than the great, the noble, the brittle loving man of forgiveness – AKMA!

(BTW, the “religious material” is on the way, AKMA. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*)

In spite of the peace making tactics of Dorothea – whom I see you’re practicing yet more Weblogger Labor tactics on by having her test hellish instruments of torture – your antipodean idylic days of peace and tranquility are over TimTamMan!

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