Tonight’s storm, brought to you by the Day After

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the tornado alarm tonight. The sky didn’t look that bad. The problem is that the storms always come from the back of us so we can’t see the storms coming.

Tonight’s was not fun. Tonight’s was, frankly, scary. At one point the lightning and rain and winds were so strong, I thought we were in the path of the twister. The water was over a foot in parts of the parking lot. We didn’t get hail tonight, though.

They say that you can hear a tornado coming, it sounds like a train. But how can you hear it coming when the thunder is continuous, not to mention the tornado alert and the alarms of the fire engines and police? That’s the worse – not being able to see what’s happening. All you can do is listen.

Twisters did touch down with this storm. They just said that one touched down at Grey Summit–that’s where I walk in Shaw’s Nature Reserve. More alarms just now. Our power lines are buried, so we still have power. Illinois is getting hammered. And to the south.

I think we should create a Tornado watch syndication feed. Maybe something we can ping if our area gets hit. Hear from other people sharing in the fun. I sure wouldn’t mind talking with people who’ve been through a tornado – what do they really sound like?

More storm pictures. Damn, they just issued another tornado watch. And DeSoto just got another tornado. I remember:


“Why worry”, she said. “Worry just makes you look old.”

I bet that movie, The Day After does really well throughout the Midwest. They couldn’t have planned better promotion.

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