Tornado alert

Sirens just went off. Neighbor said tornado spotted. According to weather reports, we’re in the path.

Maybe the tornado will chase me…


The storm hit. The alarm went off twice. The neighbors ducked into their bathrooms.

But me and Zoe were brave. We faced the storm. We stood our ground, even when the lightning blasted through the complex and waters rushed through. When the birds flocked away, and the wind chimes rang out. Even when I was soaked to the skin, and then became truly wet. Just to get photos for you, dear readers. Just to get photos for you.

By the way, I’m mobloging this from Oz. The Wiz says hi. She gave me a new pair of ruby sneakers, so I guess pink is the new black. However, she said I can click my heels together till my feet are bruised and bloody, but I can damn well get my own butt home.

And would I please move the house from on top of Dave Winer?

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