Trip home

Only a few pics from this trip. I’m saving one for a story I’m trying to write. Photos were from Kansas (which can be both pretty and interesting if you look at it the right way) and Colorado. I didn’t even try and get anything from New Mexico or Arizona — both of which are just too beautiful for words.

Perfect weather all across the trip. Vistas like you wouldn’t believe. There was a sunset over Gallup, New Mexico, that sprayed Mercurochrome pink and violet and orange all over the sky. On I25 through Colorado, deep rust meets brilliant blue skys and cool green and pristine white of snow, lavendar of moutains. You can literally wrap yourself in the color. North of Santa Fe the Rockies meets the Grand Canyon — two worlds mixing.

If you’ve taken I25 or I40 or there abouts, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, then get off your butt right now and plan your trip.

I’ll be your tour guide.

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