Weblogging Feb 23 2002

Gone for a few days and Jonathon gets comments, and Rogi is off in Ireland and Lisbon. Cat postings, paintings, and what have you are making the rounds, each posting the weblogger’s equivalent of “take that, Dvorak!”

And Mike wasn’t kidding — he was going to talk about blogrolling next. As for my blogroll buddies, these are all people with things to say, and who are usually kind enough to stop by and sit a spell, leave a comment here and there. They are all interesting people.



Well, didn’t we all get down and have a wild party on one of my postings. I going to have to add more categories for higher numbers of comments. Perhaps something along the line of “40 mice got together and beat the shit out of the bird”, or to that effect.

I still have to unpack and do laundery and try and recover from my first — and I promise you — last time crossing the Bay Bridge during a rush hour. However, I have a great story to tell you, which I need to work on and will post later. I have a few pics, but didn’t even try to capture the scenery on this trip. I will say that this is one incredibly beautiful country.

More later.

P.S. White Castle is a part of Americana, as with Route 66 and the classic diner. Arby’s is just “McDonald’s does roast beef”.

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