Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Julian talks about a rant at the de-centralization mailing list at Yahoo. What he says is right on — specifically:

There’s another couple of truisms here that “standards are useless without implementations” and so “There are only de-facto standards”. Everything else is just academic (mutual) mind games.

If a standard isn’t implemented in the real world, it’s nothing more than a theoretical wanna be wrapped up in pretty white paper, tied with a standards group approval bow.

BTW, I used to go out to the de-centralization group and read the postings regularly, until I found one day that the whole exercise irritated me…badly. As much as I admire some people in the P2P community, there is no one in the field who is either God or the Ultimate Answer Person.

I took a look at the group after Julian’s posting. You know what? I found myself getting irritated all over again. And discouraged.

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