Technology Weblogging


Just a quick FYI in how this is going:

I need to integrate fulltext in the application. This allows people to view a single page in a multi-page posting.

I’m still trying to get the RDF meta-data component finished, using RAP (RDF API for PHP). Some troubles with data updates.

Still hunting down SQL statements that have been embedded in the process files, and isolating them in the backend.

Few other odds and ends. I had thought about not worrying about multi-blog support, but I think I will add this in, after all. I think all in all it would be easier to add it in from the beginning then to try and incorprate after the tool’s been used.

Lot’s of work. Most of it fun. Really like the metadata thing, and consider the discussion about datablogging timely, too. It’s not going to be that polished, though, because the metadata functionality will be an add on, whereby people provide a vocabulary and the functionality enables it for each post. But I agree with Danny: this is the perfect use for RDF/XML.

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