Weblogging Jan 14 2002

Ladies, Gentlemen – it’s my great honor to say that The Lord of the Fishes, otherwise known as Fishrush has bestowed on me….

….drum roll now….


………dum da da da dummmm!!!!


The incredibly prestigious . I am humbled. Honored. Confused.

Whyforhowcome am I confused, you ask?

In the awards letter, Fishrush announced that I’m the only person to win the award twice. Twice, I say? Twice it says. Heck if I can remember the first one…hmmm…must be the drugs I took when I was younger…you mean I was sucking up for an award I had already won?



Anyhoo, regardless, I want to thank (___fill in the blank ___) and the Fishy One for this honor. I’ll try to live up to the honor from this day hence. Henceforth. This calls for a rousing course of the Burningbird theme song.

P.S. I was just joking about the drugs. Really. Honest. No Foolin. Cross my heart. And it’s nice to find people with such GSOH on the web…


With appreciation to The Official Jon Sullivan weblog for naming me the Link of the Day.

Kind sir, you do me honor! And the Steak and mushrooms looks really good right now.

Really, really, really good right now.

Really. (Whimpering, cutting into eggs fried up to the consistency of rubber, *choking on too much pepper – darn shaker. Whimper.)

*choking — sound president makes when he eats a pretzel too fast and the piece lodges in his esophogas and the flow of blood to his brain is cut off and he passes out and falls down and scrapes his face but then recovers and tells everyone that it’s okay, he’s really not drunk or stoned.

Not to be confused with chocking — A block or wedge placed under something else, such as a wheel, to keep it from moving

Come to think of it, though, both definitions are quite similar.


Fishrush caught the new Blogicon term….


The Fishrush Technique:

Getting buzz or blogrolling via an award
A rousing tune of Roll me over in the clover. Roll me over lay me down and do it again for the Lords of the Fish for catching it so quickly!

(do you think i’ll get a five fish for this? me want fish. me want fish. fish. fish. have to have fish. nice fishies. Gollum want fishies.)


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