Diversity Weblogging

What’s your G Quotient?

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I initiated an email discussion today that ended up focused on women and weblogging. Without going into particulars, I challenged the members of the group to find their G Quotient, or Gender Quotient:

For the last one hundred posts, count the number of times you linked to a male weblogger, and the count of times to a female weblogger.

For each link, what was the context?

Was it:

  • Political (not weblogging political, but politics in the real world)
  • Metablogging
  • About sex or romance
  • Environment (family, friends, home, pets)
  • Professional (about a person in a professional sense)
  • Technology (related to computer tech in some way)
  • Scientific (physics, math, biology, medicine)
  • Academic (formal studies)
  • Writing (about literatur or weblogger as writer, not including linguistics)
  • Linguistic
  • Other art (including music and photography as well as performance art, painting, and so on)
  • Issues of self, including a person’s exploration of what makes themselves or other people tick
  • Religious
  • Cultural
  • Historical (about history)
  • General (none of the above

Supposedly there are as many or more women bloggers than men. Do we link to women webloggers are much as men? Does the context change? In other words do we link to women on more humanistic issues, and men on professional or tech issues?

Do we care?

Are webloggers Martians?

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