While I was recovering

…from this weekend, a couple of neighborhood type things came up.

First, Mr. Delacour has finally gotten off of pot. Oh, excuse me, I have that wrong (need more bananas) — he’s gotten off the pot and rejoined the land of the, urh, well, us. Whatever us is.

Oh yeah! Apple Mac OS X using webloggers! You gotta love us — we’re viral.

As Jeneane has pointed out, Blog Sisters got a nice mention in the Time article that features a bunch of other bloggers. The Time article also definitively stated: Most Bloggers are Women.

Good. Glad we got that out of the way.

Doug’s weblog has been nominated for funniest Canadian weblog. In fact, I noticed a few webloggers I know on the list, so have already made my votes. I can vote, even though I’m from the States right?

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