Wired on Weblogging

Wired has an article out about weblogging. If we all clap our hands and think happy thoughts will the mainstream journals that psychoanalyze weblogging to death go *POP*, do you think? I’m willing to give it a try.

My special thanks to Rogi, Dave D., JulianTomJustin, and Chris for expressing curiousity and interest about what I’m discussing within the TechBlog. Particular thanks for folks who question the ideas I’m throwing out, and suggest other approaches or technologies.

There is nothing more discouraging than to become excited about something and then receive silence. Dave in particular caught it — dozens of comments for Radio, zip for discussions about smart web services.

If my ideas are full of horsepuckey — tell me! You may find that the ideas are good, but my expression of same lacked clarity. Of if they are a case of been there, done that — tell me! You may find that I’m taking a different approach than one you’ve tried. If you think the ideas have been implemented elsewhere — tell me! I’ll learn, they’ll learn, dammit we’ll all learn.

You don’t have to be nice — I can take “you’re full of little green beans”, and return it share for share.

We could really have some fun.

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