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WordPress and DoS attack

It would seem that there’s a new WordPress installation with security updates. My site was what was causing the DoS attacks that’s been bringing down the server because I don’t have this upgrade.

The only problem is, I have several sites running WordPress now.

The fact that WordPress does not provide multi-weblog capability, and there is no clean upgrade feature, or even a list of what files are changed is making me rethink using this software. Especially when the developers refuse to upgrade the code to create a valid Atom feed.

PS Before someone else mentions it, yes I know it’s free. And I appreciate it. And I like the software. I just have several sites with it installed, and an upgrade is no longer trivial for me. Makes me cranky, especially when I come to find out it’s my site that’s causing havoc for others.

And I really wish the default Atom feed was valid.

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