While I was reading Jonathon’s CSS Oath of Allegiance it hit me quite forcefully that I’m surrounded by web standards people. I don’t know if any and all are members of WSP (Web Standard’s Project), but I am seeing a zeal like adherance to standards that causes me some qualms if I dare to step my little toe out of line.

I look around at all these beautifully designed and extremely tasteful sites, such as TX Meryl’s NotesAllan’s G’Day Cobbers, Jonathon’s, and Elise’s Opine Bovine newly redesigned site (in addition to others), and I see taste, elegance, and a reference to Zeldman — the Genghis Khan of web standards.

If I continue my theme from the earlier Tyranny of Standards, will my weblogging friends desert me for more placid and less orange filled shores? Will I be left to wander alone piteously crying out my weblog postings into a void where no one listens?

Will I be the CSS-less in the land of the CSS?

Update: is tear <edit />



Protect your Meta Tags! Read this interesting story at Bloggerheads, about a certain individual’s proclivity in lifting other web sites’ meta tags, wholesale.

My first reaction is why? Can’t one put enough words together to form a coherent meta description without resorting to theft? Truly bizarre.

How would you feel about someone taking your meta tags?

I found this courtesy of Rogi who also has a new web log he’s calling the Emergency Broadcast Blog (like the name). It’s even more challenging, color wise, than my own weblog.


Weblogging Feb 6 2002

I am in a very fey mood tonight.

(In the background, running feet, slamming doors, the sound of people crashing through windows, screams of terror)



Well didn’t we throw the orange kitty into the little flame today, hmmm?

I’ve been picking on some of my favorite webloggers this week. I don’t know why I do it. This evil little impulse just steals right in and takes over my body and makes me do these things I don’t want, and I hear voices, and I get these strange, exciting thoughts, and I think I’m in a crystal bowl of orange jello with little green sprinkles, and Ed McMann is talking in the background, when all of a sudden I see in front of me….

Wait a sec. Wrong movie.

Anyway, to make up for the fact that I’ve been picking on my favorite webloggers, I’ve got a treat for you: Shaggy Dog stories.

If you’re a fan of Isaac Asimov, then you’re familiar with these. I love short stories, and I love shaggy dog stories. I found a few places with some stories I thought I would throw out for your amusement, if you have the time and the inclination:

Stories Group 1
Stories Group 2
Stories Group 3


As many posts as I’ve done recently, I should be nominated for weblogging’s poster girl.

Well, a project I was on is falling apart, and I’m finding that i’m relieved about it. It was incredibly stressful. Though I can’t afford the loss of the money, I’ll trade it for the peace. Some things just weren’t meant to be.