Just Shelley

Auction Excitement

Things are heating up at the auction now that it’s getting down to the last few hours. Of course, the reserved price still hasn’t been met but I’ve been getting some serious questions about the collection.

Now that it looks like it might sell, I’m kind of regretting having to let it go. There’s a story with every rock, which I did my best to record. That’s just it – there is a story with each, and I recorded my memories of these stories and those I’m not selling.

Speaking of which, I had a lovely compliment on the show, left in comments:

You have written a throughly charming and idiosyncratic book on your mineral collection. If I were an editor I would publish this in an instant. Thanks for giving me the pleasure of your collection.

Made my day.

Besides, if I keep the collection, I’ll just end up stroking the Pet Rock again and ruining it.


Time for a cat picture

Zoe always knows when I’m uptight or stressed. She will either wrap her body around my foot or jump up into my lap for some serious head butting. When I hold her close, she makes contented little grunting noises and between the fur and the noise and the love, I feel better.

The Head Lemur has been posting photo albums of his four-legged friends lately, including the recent photos of Midnite. When we talk about animal rescues, are we talking about humans rescuing animals, or pets rescuing their two-legged friends? I know for myself, if I make it to retirement age it will be because of friends I’ve had like Zoe.

Danny Ayers’ pet Primo accidentally burned his little paw chasing across a wood burning stove. Feline firewalking Danny calls it. Primo just looks almighty pissed about the whole thing.

And Joe just posted a photo of his two dogs, one of which looks guilty about something.

We’re putting our world through hell but as long as our non-human friends can still tolerate us, we know there’s still hope.



FileZilla Gotcha

Enough with the BS, let’s talk something useful.

I found this last week that Filezilla 2.2.1b (and earlier versions) will truncate files when uploading several directories at a time. I discovered this first when I found the file was truncated. Then when I was trying to port the old entries into the Semantic Web for Poets, after a great deal of research and effort, I found that the several of the HTTP perl modules were also truncated.

Checking around at a couple of the other Wayward Webloggers I found some others, including some graphics that were truncated.

I was using the Windows version, on W2K, uploading to Red Hat Linux.

If you’re using Filezilla to upload a lot of directories and you’re using the Windows version, just be aware of this as a problem. Bugs have been filed on this at the Filezilla site.