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Bug reports

I had thought I’d configured SourceForge to email me with bugs, but evidentially it didn’t take. I just now noticed the bug reports out at SourceForge and am busily going through them.

Thanks for submitting these. And I’m also trying to get the patch system to accept patches.

Technology Weblogging

Wordform status

Thanks to some folks I’ve been able to identify out of synch stuff with the installation of Wordform, and a few other issues. I hadn’t even noticed bug reports at the SourceForge site, as I had thought it was configure to email me automatically with bug reports. No such luck, but better late than never.

I won’t be doing a second alpha release, though. I’m finishing up the functionality for this release, adding in the reported bug fixes, and then releasing the program as beta. At that time I’ll then be going through the WordPress bug lists to see which of the bugs and fixes also apply to Wordform–they do still share a significant code base. Once this happens, though, I think this will be the last of the shared effort between the two products, as they are diverging too much.

The beta test should have the install kinks worked out, so this is open to non-techs. However, I do not recommend this for production use. My plan is to have the first release of Wordform at SourceForge by month end.

One major change I will most likely need to make is to change the license. Currently much of the software I’m using is licensed GPL, and I wanted to license LGPL. The main difference is that I would allow those parts of Wordform I created to be used with closed source applications as well as open source. To be honest, I didn’t really care who used the software, as long as they found it helpful.

However, my license contradicts the other software holder’s license, and while normally this shouldn’t be an issue — each individual still maintains their licensing control over their specific pieces of software, and I had planned on detailing this in the license to accompany the beta software–the mix of code is diffuse enough to generate problems and conflicts. So as soon as I figure out how to change this in SourceForge, I will be switching Wordform to the GPL license.

Anyone have an idea how I change this in SourceForge?


Wordform: Alterations

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I am in the process of establishing flags and options for several hard coded references in the code. For instance, right now the code automatically closes all comments older than ten days, and I need to make this into a user controlled option.

I’m also making use of the /tmp space, for some of the metadata work as well as creating the static copies of the pages (the ’static’ mode in WordPress doesn’t create truly static pages; Wordform does). I need to make this configurable, and allow a person to designate a write directory…or /tmp if they prefer. Gallery does this, as well as most other tools that support writes of this nature.

For the metadata, I’ll have finished the API interface layer to RAP (RDF API for PHP), which can then be coded to a different RDF backend.

A last major job is to finish the data isolation layer. Working on this gets tedious at times so I only clean a block of code at a time. I’m working on my last block now.

Clean-up and metadata, and the release probably won’t be out until towards the end of this weekend.

In the meantime, if you have installed Wordform alpha-01 and have played with it, I would appreciate hearing from you. Especially if you have any feedback other than what I’ve received already. For those who have been kind enough to provide feedback, my appreciations.

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