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More important stuff

After phone call with friend, I am calmer. Sort of. Enough to spend time on more important things. Such as wishing Mark Pilgrim half-a-Happy Birthday!. He’s 29.5 today.

(Mark, I have a clue for you — when you hit 40, you start celebrating birthdays biennially, rather than semiannually.)

Secondly, Jeneane asked folks to link to her co-worker’s weblog. He’s a techie, and the first line I read at his weblog was:

What ever happened to VRML?

I’m partial to VRML – I created a VRML animated lava lamp. Great idea that just never lived up to its potential. Shame that.

Say hi to another VRML fan, Anthurian.

BTW — thanks to you, my weblogging buddies, for your support.

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