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Updates and a banana

Some updates:

First of all, work is progressing on ThreadNeedle. My first implementation plan had to be scraped when I found that the Redland RDF infrastructure doesn’t seem to want to work on my FreeBSD machine. Additionally, the Redland Perl code also overwrote the existing Perl RDF libraries, and broke my content management system. I moved development to my J2EE environment, but I’m finding that this environment might be more of a resource hog than I can afford on my machine (you all might notice slowdowns in access at times).

However, work is progressing on it, I haven’t dropped it, it’s still important to me.

Second, I started an idea about a weblogging consortium, which received a great deal of commentary. I think the idea is worth at least further conversation and when I’m finished with the RDF book and ThreadNeedle, am starting this up. As per Matt’s suggestion I had planned on starting a wiki on this, but a friend has been sending me suggestions for other tools, including Andy’s RabbleRouser. I want to check these out, in addition to a wiki solution.

This friend, BTW, is Michael Mussington, a person who’s always sending me links to fun and interesting things, particularly when I’m being battered about. If for no other reason, you weblog to meet people like Michael.

(Michel, sorry, but I just “outed” your weblog.)

For those who follow my comings and goings with such passionate interest I have news for you: this is a fact of life. Get used to it. If you have a problem with me taking some time off and taking a break or quitting or starting again, take it up with management. Add your 0.02 to the comments. Otherwise, get off my fucking back.

On to more interesting stuff: warblogging (a particularly tasty, juicy piece), Bob DylanXHTML or Rejection.

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